How we do it

There are so many men that would love to improve the life they lead and the life of their families but in truth either do not know how or where to get the help.

So many men know they could find many of the answers they are looking for in church but they have been hurt or turned off of organized religion so they do not go.  Or they have tried to get help only to be let down by the system so they give up. We are the life line to improvement.

Well Men if this is fits you than you have come to the right place.

  1. We do not believe in Religion, most Christians do not even realize that religion was made by man to separate us from God and true faith. So we do not allow religion here but we do utilize the teaching of many good men of faith to help teach us and understand where we can improve our lives.
  2. We meet in a commercial building, where we hold classes to teach and pas the information needed to fix and or avoid problems.
  3. We bring in professional speakers to talk about different subjects. From personal things to business and taxes we have professional people teaching many different classes.
  4. We have a trusted environment where men help men, we up lift and support. We do not judge we just help. Everything that happens here stays here. Confidentiality is very important.

When you give men a safe place to learn, The information they have been needing and the correct people to teach and walk them through it you can change lives. That is exactly how we do it.