Something to think about

In the world we live in today the family is not put as the top three most important things any more, just under God then your wife. As a matter of fact, in so many cases the family is left out all together and I have to ask myself why?

Well one reason is that as a society we have drifted so far from what is morally correct as per scripture. We let what is politically correct run our direction rather than what is founded on God’s word. News flash, just because the crowd, that has so proudly drifted away from God’s word yells loud doesn’t mean they are correct.

Another reason is that so many of the people today think that everything should be handed to them. Parents have raised a generation of participation awarded kids that have lost the ability or desire to become better from the lessons learned in failure. Parents, it’s ok to let the kids fall, just be there to help them up. That is how they build character.

Here’s the deal people;

Just as the modern Church isn’t lacking leaders, it’s lacking properly trained and driven leaders.

So are our families.  Don’t get me wrong, the families have leaders, the kids today have strong leaders. The problem is in so many cases they are not the fathers, in so many cases they are not even a parent at all. It’s the mob mentality, or what is good on some sex filled violent show on tv or the internet. Men if you love your family, if you want a world that is safe for your kids to grow up in, then you need to make the stand and become the Dad’s and leaders of your homes that God intended you to be. Men you need to become courageous again.

Make today the day you start being the man God intended you to be. Come Join us this Wednesday night from 6:30 to 7:30 as Upward men starts a seven-section series on the “Hidden Keys to Loving Relationships” by Gary Smalley and the Smalley Institute.

Men if you want to be the leader in your home then fixing or improving your marriage, and the relationship with your kids needs to move up the list of priorities, just under your walk of faith.

Come join us in our new sponsor location, at the New Song Church complex, 4600 Guide Meridian, in Bellingham as we introduce this truly amazing program. Bring a friend, have a cup of coffee and start down the path of a better life for your family.