Somthing to think about 2/20/2018

Have you ever had a talk with a person that you hadn’t seen for over a year. And while you enjoyed talking to the person you felt you’re heart breaking for them because their life was worse than it was the last time you talked.

Many men find themselves in the same spot, time goes on and they had all the intention in the world to fix or improve but not the tools so all they did was get older and life got worse.

Don’t be that guy, learn how to set goals and then learn how to obtain them. Learn what a realistic goal is and what an unrealistic goal is. Did you know setting unrealistic goals will hurt you so bad? First you can’t reach an unrealistic goal so you fail. The hard part about that is you told people about your goal and so you failed in the eyes of many.

At upward men we are committed to giving men of all ages the tools they need to be better men, to have better lives, to be better dads, husbands and leaders.

Don’t let one more year go by wishing you had made the change. Wishing your life was better and looking in to the letdown eyes of your family. Men come join us and make today the day you will look back on as the new start that fixed your life.

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