Something to think about 12-21-17

It never stops amazing me how we men will hold our ground even when we know we are wrong just because our egos are so out of control we can’t admit we need help.

A boy this week that is losing his family because he is too proud to admit he messed up. He is willing to destroy a family because of pride. The man side of me wants to slap him in the head and say, “Go ahead a run you wimpy fool, destroy your family, cop out” but the Jesus in me would say;

Making things right is never easy when you have caused pain, but the end result of the work it takes to fix things will bring true happy ness and joy to not only you but to your family. God gave you a great gift in your family and children, your gift back is how you raise them and treat them.

I don’t care how bad you went off the tracks there is always hope. As long as you don’t give in and run you can stand and fix. Then we can call you a man not a boy.

You see I feel that all men want to be good fathers, husbands and leaders but many have never had anybody to teach them how. That is where Upward men bridges the gap and fills in the missing parts needed. Or they have made mistakes and do not know how to fix them, again that is where Upward men can help. Our meetings done by men for men bring all the needed tools for men to use to fix or improve their lives. How to heal hurt, how to make good goals for the family, how to be the leaders God wanted us to be.  So men if you are out there hurting just get in contact with us and let’s get on the road to fixing this.

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